How to Talk to Men

Talking to men is not as difficult as some women think.

Do you get nervous when you meet a nice looking guy and
want to approach him to strike a conversation?

If so, you are not the only one.

Rest assured that you can easily get a conversation going
with a man with just a little bit of effort.

I’d like to discuss various ways in
which you can talk to men without stumbling all over your
words or obsessing over whether the conversation went well
or poorly afterwards.

** Confidence Is Key **

Men like a woman who is confident.

If you struggle with confidence, practice positive
affirmations daily to help build your confidence.

If you don’t know what to say to a man, read up on
conversation starters, and realize that there really is
nothing terrible that will happen if you begin talking
to a man.

Be confident in who you are or at least fake confidence.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Fake it till you make
it,” which does help when it comes to talking to men.

** Don’t Talk to Men Like You Would to Female Friends **

Men do not communicate like women, so if you are thinking
about talking to a man like you do your “BFF,” don’t.

Men don’t typically like to be bombarded with a lot of
talk about details of your day or your struggles.

Save those conversations for your mom or girlfriends.

Keep your conversations concise with a man, and he will
be more apt to pay attention and respond.

Plenty of guys will admit to “zoning out” as soon as a
woman starts rambling on and on about something he
really could care less about.

** Ask Him Plenty of Questions **

Guys don’t always know what to say or how to respond to a

They may be wonderful guys, but to articulate well or have
long conversations, many simply don’t have it in them.

To combat this, be sure to ask your guy plenty of
questions about himself and about issues that interest

You’d be surprised at how long a man can talk about his
hobbies, and he will appreciate you being interested
in what interests him.

Ask him about his family, friends, work, dreams, fears
and so on.

** Keep Your Expectations Low **

Men are not superheroes.

If you expect them to be perfect and be exactly what you
need and want, you will be disappointed.

For example, if you meet up with your guy, and you’ve had
a terrible day at work and tell your man all about your
day and how you feel, don’t expect that he will be able
to empathize, grab you and tell you everything is going
to be all right.

He might not.

In fact, there is a good chance your guy will try to “fix”
whatever is wrong.

When you say, “I had a terrible day at work! My boss is
terrible, and the stress in unending,” he may just tell
you to get a different job that you like more.

You, on the other hand, don’t want to hear that.

What you want to hear is, “Oh, baby, I’m so sorry you
had such a bad day. Come here, and let me hold you for a
few minutes. Everything is going to be fine.”

Many guys hear you talk and think you are complaining when
all you really want is empathy.

In this case, simply tell your man that when you come home
blowing off steam, all you really want is a hug.

** Talk to Your Guy While Engaging in an Activity **

Guys like to multitask, so if you want to talk to your
man, do an activity with him and talk to him at the same

You could go for a walk, go canoeing, play tennis or wash
his car together.

You’d be surprised how much a man is willing to talk when
he is feeling good about an activity that he is doing.

I hope these tips help you to understand men a little
better and how you can effectively talk to them.

Every man is different, so what works for one may not
work for another.

You will learn as you go along and grow as you continue
learning about how to have a successful relationship.