How to Flirt With Men

Do you wish you could flirt with men with confidence and
sex appeal?

Have you attempted to flirt and had a bad experience?

Are there rules to flirting?

Flirting can be tricky, but with some knowledge and
practice, you can learn how to flirt with men and get
them interested in you faster than you expected.

Here, I will discuss with you some tips on
how you can learn to flirt with men and feel comfortable
doing so.

** Men Like to Be Flirted With **

You might think that men are aloof when it comes to
women flirting with them, but they really do like to be
the object of a female’s attention.

At the same time, men like to flirt back, so when there
is a flirting dance going on, they are especially into it.

** Keep It Simple **

If you see a guy somewhere that you really want to engage
with, don’t make it complicated.

You don’t have to have a rehearsed version of your
flirting mantra or pressure yourself to be flirt-of-
the-year; just relax.

Go over to the man, smile and say hello. That is the
simplest thing you can do to begin and then take it from

If you don’t at least do that, you may lose your chance
of meeting a great guy.

When you approach him, be sure to make eye contact, and
if you can work those eyes in your favor, feel free.

Say hello and introduce yourself.

Most men will be flattered that you had the guts to
approach them and will at least offer you a few minutes
of their time.

** Men Like a Little Teasing **

Let’s say a guy is shooting darts with a buddy.

You could always approach him and say something like,
“Hmmm, looks like you need a little help with your aim.
Mind if I show you how it’s done?”

Look him in the eye, and give him a smile. If you’re
feeling it, you can lean in and even whisper that in
his ear.

It’s not overboard, but it is giving him a bit of a
tease. Chances are he will like it.

Cute little insults act as flirtatious teases as well.

Say something like, “I heard you were a real gentleman,
but I don’t know. You might have to prove it to me.”

Guys like it when women pick on them, but be careful
not to actually insult them.

** Give Them a Little Caress **

There’s nothing wrong with gently brushing up against a
guy or lightly touching his arm to let him know that you
are interested in him.

Touching is actually a very powerful tool to utilize
for flirting.

Be careful not to over do it, but leaning in close for
a gentle touch will let your guy know that you are

** Tell Him He Looks Good **

Many guys like to stay in shape, so if you let him know
that you think his physique is looking good, he will
definitely appreciate it and think you are interested in

You can ask him about his workout regime, stating that you
notice his muscles are really tight.

Gently touch his biceps and comment how much you love

Tell him you appreciate a guy who takes care of himself
and would love to see him in his swimsuit.

Have fun with it, and feel free to flirt in this way.

** Watch Romance Movies **

If you want to witness some pretty good flirting, rent
some romantic movies and watch how the women flirt with
the guys.

You can probably learn a lot of what to do and what not to
do while enjoying some good movies.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to
flirt with men.

Experiment with it and enjoy yourself while taking an
interest in the men you find appealing.