5 Signs You Should NOT Go on Another Date

Do you find yourself wondering if you should go out on
another date with him?

Do you want things to work but feel yourself having to
force it?

If you aren’t feeling good about the relationship and
it’s only been a date or two, then you may be onto

Women’s intuition is a very powerful thing, and if you
just feel like something is amiss or aren’t feeling
good sentiments, then it may be time to look elsewhere.

Here are five telltale signs that another date with him
is not in your best interest.

1. Your intuition tells you that something is wrong.

You want to find him charming, and you want to move
forward. But your intuition is telling you no. Most of

the time women tend to have good intuition, so follow
your instincts.

Although you may want commitment, you shouldn’t have
to force it or ignore possible warning signs. Even if
he looks good on paper, chances are that if your gut
says that he’s not a good candidate, then your hunch
is probably right.

Always trust your instincts and you can’t go wrong!

2. Something seems “off” about him, though you can’t
put your finger on it.

You were set up with him by a good friend. He is
everything that you are looking for in a man; he truly
seems like Prince Charming in theory. In practice
though, you get a weird suspicion about him and wonder
what it’s all about.

This ties into intuition and your feelings often being
a good indicator. You want to believe that you can move
things forward, but something just seems off about him.

He may have a criminal background that you don’t know
about. It may be something much simpler, such as he has
a fear of commitment. If something about him just doesn’t
add up or if it strikes you as odd, then move away from
the situation.

3. You aren’t feeling the chemistry or even a spark.

Some will say that chemistry can grow in time. If,
however, you feel absolutely no romantic connection at
the beginning, then that can be a warning sign.

You may feel as though you can grow to love him or to
feel attracted to him, but is that realistic?

Do you want to force yourself to feel something that
should jcome naturally?

There should be some connection, some chemistry or some
sort of spark that comes about without trying. If you
feel absolutely nothing, then perhaps he is just not a
good match for you.

4. You want different things.

Within minutes of a first date, you can tell a lot about
somebody. You may even be able to tell some fundamental
personality traits that are key to his identity.

If he states that he doesn’t want children, for example,
and you do, then this is not a good match.

If he doesn’t seem close to his family or understands why
people are, then you may feel the urge to stop the date.

If you can see that fundamentally you are very different
or that you want different things out of life or your
future, then keep away from future dates.

Remember, you never really change somebody!

5. His personality or characteristics are less than you
want; never settle.

Many women want commitment so badly that they will do
anything to get it. Don’t be the woman who settles or
compromises what you want.

Sure, you have to have a realistic view of the man that
you want to be with, but you also have to be honest
with yourself.

If you feel like you are trying to convince yourself too
much or that he is missing something important to you,
then it’s just not meant to be.

Be strong enough to stand up for what you believe in and
never settle for anything less than you deserve!